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Winter Squash ‘Honey Bear Acorn’

Cucurbita pepo | Intro Year: 2011

  • 2009 All-American Selections winner, 'Honey Bear Acorn' Squash produces 4" mini acorn squash that are just the right size for single servings when halved
  • 'Honey Bear Acorn' Suqash's compact bush habit is just right for apartment and townhouse dwellers with small garden spaces
Additional Notes

‘Honey Bear Acorn’ Squash is unique in taste with its deliciously starchy and sweet flavors.
Harvest ‘Honey Bear Acorn’ Squash before heavy frost, and cut stems about 1″ from the fruit when the stem is drying and skin of the fruit is hardening. Be careful! Handel fruit like eggs so as not to cause bruising.

Color: Green

Peace Tree Organics