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graveolens Bouquet Dill


  • 'Bouquet' Dill is an herb in the One Earth Edibles line
  • An easy herb variety to grow, 'Bouquet' Dill performs best in full sun, well drained soil, and with regular watering
  • 'Bouquet' Dill is self seeding, so keep watch or harvest before flowers set seed so as not to have a weedy problem in the garden

This is the most popular dill variety grown with light green feathery foliage, and small green-yellow umbrella-shaped flowers.Both the mild flavored foliage and the more strongly flavored seeds are used to flavor foods. Used for pickling,sauces,soups,and fish. Dill has also been used medicinally since the earliest times.

Additional Notes

Dill is often used in children’s medicine, known as ‘Dilly Water’ for digestive problems.

Hardiness Zone: Annual
Height: 38-42 Inches
Spread: 24-36 Inches

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