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Rosmarinus officinalis Hardy Hill


Light blue flowers accent the broad, dark green leaves of this large and somewhat hardy rosemary.
Rosemary’s pungent piney scent does indeed bring back remembrances of things past and is indispensible in the kitchen. It’s energy and effects are warm, stimulating and satisfying to the mind and body, being especially helpful for discomforts such as indigestion, rheumatism and poor memory due to coldness and poor circulation. Collect rosemary leaves and flowers to add to your bread, grilled and roasted meats, beans and winter soups. It is also perfect for potpourris, sachets and holiday decorations.

Hardiness Zone: 5-11
Height: 36-48 Inches
Spread: 36 Inches
Color: Green
Grow Tips:

Prefers well-drained, somewhat gravelly soil and will suffer in wet, soggy soil. Prefers alkaline soil. Tender perennial: In zones below 7 bring indoors for winter. Older established plants may survive mild winters when well protected. For container growing, use clay pot large enough to accomodate the roots comfortably and cactus soil blend. To avoid root rot, water only after soil is dry to the touch.