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Certified Organic Liners + Finished Vegetables and Herbs

We dig deep into edibles here at Peace Tree Farm. We know that clean, healthy foods are important to you and your customers, so we specialize in a wide variety of USDA Certified Organic herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing plants as liners and finished products.

Peace Tree Farm Organics

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Exotic Varieties

Windowsill Herb Series

Our 3.5” Windowsill Herbs are offered in six-pack trays, with each plant sleeved. Sleeves are printed with information about the plant inside. Six-packs are then packed in individual boxes that can be shipped easily on a pallet. Unsleeved herbs, in 12-count trays with plant tags, are also available.

∴ Sweet Basil


∴ Cilantro

∴ Dill

∴ Parsley- Italian Dark Leaf

∴ Mint

∴ Rosemary

∴ Sage

∴ Thyme

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