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How Our Plants are Shipped

Peace Tree Farm takes great care in preparing your plants for delivery, whether by FedEx shipment, by Peace Tree Farm truck delivery, or for pick-up at our Farm.  

Upon receipt of your order, promptly unbox your plants and remove any packaging or padding. Plants will often need to be watered when you receive them. Note that liner plants will often be grown in Grow Coons – a specially designed biodegradable cell that allows roots to air prune themselves leaving roots unimpeded (looks like netting). No need to remove Grow Coons when transplanting! 

We ship our plants via FedEx on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week (weather dependent). Truck deliveries are typically made mid-week, and the Farm is open for scheduled pick-ups on Wednesdays and Thursdays (9am-3pm).

Shipping via FedEx

There are several ways we ship via FedEx:  

  • individual boxes (typically for liners only) 
  • boxes wrapped together on a pallet (“boxed pallet”), or  
  • a pallet built with shelves (without boxes, called LTL pallets). 

Peace Tree Farm charges for plants and shipping materials, while FedEx determines the shipping cost for delivery based on location, size and weight at the time of shipping. Minimum orders are required, see below. Note that not all plant material is suited for all shipping options. 

Individual Boxes

Material cost $9/boxshipping rate determined by FedEx.

102/split 51 ct Liner Trays: minimum 300 plants  (six 51-count trays)

72 count Trays: minimum 288 plants  (four 72-count trays)

Boxed Pallets

Material cost $9/box plus $2 winter pack per box (charged seasonally), shipping rate determined by FedEx.

Minimum of 12 boxes, packed with liners or finished plant material. 24 box maximum per pallet

FedEx LTL Pallets-

Material and labor cost of $170/pallet; shipping rate determined by FedEx.

102/split 51 count liners: 48 tray minimum/ 96 tray maximum per pallet

72 count tray: 32 tray minimum/ 48 tray maximum per pallet

Finished Plants- 4″ pots, quarts: 30 trays minimum / 60 trays maximum per pallet

Truck Delivery

Truck delivery is generally available year-round within 100 miles of PTF in PA and NJ for orders that meet the minimums. For travel to other states, longer distances, and/or unusual delivery situations, minimums and delivery fees will be quoted on an individual basis. Please pre-book truck deliveries at the beginning of the spring season, and at least two weeks in advance at other times of the year. Fees are based on driving distance from Kintnersville, PA 

0-50 miles, in PA/NJ- $1500 order minimum, fee equals 10% of invoice

51-100 miles, in PA/NJ- $2000 order minimum, fee equals 10% of invoice OR $250 minimum fee

Philadelphia- $2500 order minimum, fee equals 10% of invoice

New York City Metro Area- $3000 order minimum, fee equals 10% of invoice OR $400 minimum fee

*Additional fuel surcharges may apply*

Delivery is routed the week prior to shipping and is subject to change. We do not accept specific delivery date/time requests in advance. Please provide your receiving information, address, hours, and policies when placing an order.

Pick Up

The  minimum pickup order is $500 and is by appointment only.

Pickups must be scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday, 9:00 – 3:00 pm in advance of arrival.

It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm the accuracy of the item count and the quality of the material before accepting the order. Claims for shortages or quality will not be accepted once the pickup order has been signed for and has left the premises. A 20% restocking fee will be assessed on orders not picked up as scheduled.

Know Your Zone

Different plants thrive in different places. It is important to do your plant research to determine if the plant you’ve chosen will thrive in your geographic location or your intended home for the plant.

Find your USDA zone here!


We strive to deliver quality plants as scheduled to your satisfaction.

If you are unhappy with your plants upon arrival send us photos of the damaged product and contact us within 48 hours of receiving your plants. Remember, plants can get stressed out like people when traveling – if a plant looks unhappy when you receive it, give it some TLC and a few days to bounce back.

Please note: Plant loss due to severe cold or hot weather, transit, neglect after receipt of the plants, incorrect zone, or animals is your responsibility. Peace Tree Farm LLC cannot be held liable for shipping charges or any amount greater than the cost of the plant material.