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Salvia officinalis Garden Grey


  • 'Garden Grey' Sage is an herb in the One Earth Edibles line
  • Growing best in full sun, 'Garden Grey' Sage requires well-drained soil
  • 'Garden Grey' Sage is both drought tolerant and deer resistant

Also called ‘Grower’s Friend’ and ‘Hybrid #4’, this is the most flavorful culinary sage. The perfect companion to all poultry dishes and the key ingredient for turkey and sausages. An attractive garden perennial, this silver-leafed beauty reaches up to 3 feet tall with large blue flower spikes. Prefers cooler temperatures.

Additional Notes

Salvias need good air ciculation and do not like high humidity. Grow as an annual in hot, humid areas.

Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Height: 12-36 Inches
Spread: 30 Inches
Color: Silver

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