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Favorite Garden Geek Plants from 2015

Stephanie shares Peace Tree Farm’s five favorite Garden Geek plants from the 2015 season. Did your favorite make the cut?

2015 was a pretty eventful year for Peace Tree Farm – another solidly busy spring, followed by a chart topping summer on the conference circuit, and concluding with a Grinch-style fall and winter season without poinsettias. Peace Tree certainly knows how to make an impression, and you should expect nothing less from our favorite plants of 2015. If you didn’t have these beauties available at your garden center or on center stage at your garden, be sure these are your Wish List starters for 2016.

Begonia Silhouette Lemon Rose (PP26,198) – a begonia that can take FULL SUN? Be still, my heart! ‘Silhouette Lemon Rose’ proved its worth this cloudless summer. With its almost black leaves and pastel colored blooms that remind me of macaroons straight out of Dana’s Bakery, this begonia is just striking in the garden. Plant Begonia ‘Silhouette Lemon Rose’ in hanging baskets, window boxes, or container gardens for up close and personal enjoyment.

Centaurea Colchester White – this plant is a solid garden performer and a staple in combination planter designs. If Pseuderanthemum ‘Stainless Steel’ is the Little Black Dress of Horticulture, Centaurea ‘Colchester White’ is the Little White Dress. It has it all – architecture and texture from its serrated leaves, and color that complements any design with its silver foliage. Selling out before Mother’s Day in 2015, we anticipate this plant will be at the top of everyone’s list again in 2016.

Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Series – a cousin to the ‘Jewels of the Desert’ series of Ice Plant, ‘Wheels of Wonder’ blooms are slightly larger and pack an even larger iridescent punch of bold colors. What a beast in the garden too, taking any sort of extremes in weather and garden neglect in stride. Wheels of Wonder are an excellent choice for anyone who has a vacation property or too much on their plate to remember to water their summer containers. With a wide range of bright, primary colors, Delosperma Wheels of Wonder just makes me happy.

Nemesia Baby Cakes Series – late March is such a dreary time of year, I’m happy to have Nemesia Baby Cakes around to tolerate the cool temperatures. When it seems like Old Man Winter will not let up, we all need a solid dose of bright color and the Baby Cakes are serving up the sweet stuff in true white, solid yellow, and cherry lipstick red.

Salvia Heatwave Series – Summer 2015 was the perfect test for this series of microphylla type salvias that boast heat tolerance and long season color. With what seemed like three solid months without rain, Salvia Heatwaves performed at their best. Soft colors of peach, lilac, creamy white, and raspberry stayed resilient in full sun. If the warm weather trend continues for Summer 2016, Salvia Heatwave Series is a solid choice for any garden.

Did these plants make your favorites list for 2015? Any favorites that didn’t make the cut? Share with us your favorite Garden Geek plants from 2015.