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University of Georgia graduate and 2017 Nexus Intern of the year, Gray Simpson, joins Peace Tree Farm as Assitant Grower.

Nexus Intern of the Year 2017 Gray Simpson joins Peace Tree Farm


Kintnersville, PA

Nexus Intern of the Year 2017, Gray Simpson, joins Peace Tree Farm in Kintnersville, PA.

Gray Simpson, a Georgia native and recent graduate of The University of Georgia, has been interested in horticulture and sustainability since he was a kid gardening with his family. Motivated by great agricultural mentors in high school, Gray established a vegetable garden and managed a school-wide plant sale, which inspired him to pursue Horticulture at The University of Georgia. Simpson finds plants fascinating and is intrigued by the blend of art and science that it takes to grow plants to make a profit. He is passionate about sustainability in an environmental and economic sense when it comes to horticulture.


During his time at The University of Georgia, Gray completed a six-month internship in 2016 at Metrolina Greenhouses in Huntersville, North Carolina as an assistant grower. He followed that experience as a Sustainable Agriculture Intern at UGA in Costa Rica. In Peace Tree Farm, he sees the merge of the sustainable and technological mindsets of his former employers through their innovative practices. He is excited to have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and wear many different hats at Peace Tree Farm.


Peace Tree Farm closely follows the Nexus Intern of the Year program participants seeing them as upstanding examples of what any sensible employer is recruiting. Lloyd Traven and the team at Peace Tree are excited to welcome Gray to Kintnersville. Gray Simpson started his new Assistant Grower position at Peace Tree Farm in January of 2018.