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Did you hear that broken record at Cultivate ’19? The one where we told countless attendees what the plant was that made the dramatic beaded curtain effect in our booth?

“This is Senecio radicans” and “they’re under a year old”

We said it to so many people and so many times over and over that we wished we had recorded it and were able to simply hit the play button the next time the question came up!

…Kidding aside, we welcomed the questions and were thrilled by the interest.

It was clear that the plant was a hit with attendees of all backgrounds. We had people stop to take boomerangs of them walking through or petting the plant, and had others just marvel at the effect.

So, let’s dig into Senecio radicans.

This plant has been a favorite plant of mine at Peace Tree. I too hadn’t seen anything like the plants at the show, dramatic and full cascades of glaucus succulent “bananas”, prior to working at Peace Tree. I always love to see them lined up next to each other in our upper greenhouse ready for sale!

Senecio radicans is certainly impressive in its consistent cascade of succulent locks (Rapunzel anyone?) but it’s also easy-to-grow. They’ll withstand part sun to part shade and do not need much water. They are perfect for an indoor bright window and can be moved outdoors for the warm months. In addition to being easy-to-grow and care for, they’re sturdy too! You don’t need to worry about pieces falling off constantly when bumped or in transit for shipping.

Senecio radicans Makes A Great Houseplant!

This is a great plant to add to your houseplant offerings or your own houseplant collection. We’ve added a limited quantity of Senecio radicans liners to our fall offerings and will continue to sell finished 8” baskets.

Senecio radicans:


Fast growing

Great Houseplant

Eye-Catching Display