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The American Visionary Arts Museum and Peace Tree Farm Ethos to Life

Everytime we go to MANTS, the Mid Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, we make sure we take a trip to the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, MD. Candy and Lloyd were introduced to the museum by green roof pioneer and overall Renaissance man, Ed Snodgrass, years ago. Recently, Candy and Lloyd had the opportunity to meet and share ideas of enlightenment and creativity with the museum director, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, which only further reinforced their love of this museum. I remember the first time I went to MANTS, Candy and Lloyd kept raving about the museum and having never been, I was excited to squeeze in a trip while at the show. I was blown away! Now, I go every time I’m in Baltimore and I continue to be blown away! All of the art in the museum is from intuitive, self-taught artists. It’s vibrant and creative and certainly not your average art museum. The tenants and art of AVAM weave wonderfully into the ethos and spirit of Peace Tree Farm.

The educational goals and founding principles of the AVAM are:

  1. Expand the definition of a worthwhile life
  2. Engender respect for and delight in the gifts of others
  3. Increase awareness of the wide variety of choices available in life for all…particularly students
  4. Encourage each individual to build upon his or her own special knowledge and inner strengths
  5. Promote the use of innate intelligence, intuition, self-exploration, and creative self-reliance
  6. Confirm the great hunger for finding out just what each of us can do best in our own voice at any age
  7. Empower the individual to build upon his or her own special knowledge and inner strengths
  8. Empower the individual to choose to do that something really, really well

Peace Tree wholeheartedly supports and embodies these tenants as they are but we ALSO believe in how each of these relates to plants and the horticulture industry. For example, we are deeply committed to expanding the definition of a worthwhile plant, to encouraging different perspectives and styles within horticulture and design, and believe in creative self-reliance and the respective applications to plants and the horticulture industry and this mindset can be continued with each of the 8 goals of the AVAM. Peace Tree itself was born out of creativity, ingenuity, and passion and continues to be driven by these tenants today.

At Peace Tree Farm we support the study, cultivation, collection, business, and of course joy of plants in all their wonderful diversity as a way of life that celebrates the 8 goals of AVAM.

Vandana Shiva Quote

Artwork from The Secret Life of Earth exhibit now showing at the AVAM


Candy and Lloyd have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to producing healthy and sustainable plants that not only delight and inspire, but that also perform a function or purpose.


Following AVAM’s example, here are some of the goals of PTF that can be linked to the ethos of AVAM:

  1. Expand the definition of a worthwhile plant
  2. Grow healthy and unique plants
  3. Make conscious, environmentally responsible, and sustainable choices from day 1 to guide their business
  4. Promote an open and accepting organizational culture for employees
  5. Champion and support cutting edge technology and growing techniques
  6. Learn from and collaborate with other industry thinkers
  7. Encourage consumers to embrace plants in all their beauty and function in their daily lives
  8. Inspire continued scholarship within horticulture and farming

“May you be inspired to find your own unique life’s creative mission, be it in science, social justice, or through some physical manifestation like a garden, a loving home, a song never before sung, or as an astonishing new work of art,” here AVAM synthesizes their overall goals and perspective on life. Candy, Lloyd, and Peace Tree at large also uphold this inspirational intention in all we do! We can only hope that a Peace Tree plant, or an inspiring piece of artwork, might lead you to a new perspective and passion that you can celebrate and share with many along your path.

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson painted on the wall at AVAM

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  • Diana K. Weiner says:

    What a great read. I must see this museum!

    Peace Tree Farm you are all I have just read. Having spent 2012 witnessing your operation when John Story was there I agree.

    Keep growing!

    Diana K. Weiner