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Far and wide, lavender will be in every garden, on every farm, and in every city container perfuming the air with its relaxing aroma!

This lovely dream is not so far off with the help of the NGB’s announcement that 2020 is the Year of the Lavender! The National Garden Bureau educates home gardeners charged with the mission to “Inspire. Connect. Grow.” Every year, they announce one annual, one perennial, one bulb crop, one edible, and one shrub as their “Year of the” crops. They provide free downloadable materials to promote the year of crops as the best of the best in beautiful and easy to grow plants for the home gardener. Lavender was chosen as this year’s Year Of Perennial and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate and promote one of our favorite crops – Lavender!

Lavender has been a long time favorite; it conjures romantic images of rolling hills with plants in neat rows saturated in purple blooms. Home gardeners are no longer shying away from growing their own lavender using more accessible, disease resistant, and hardy varieties that they can incorporate into their landscapes to have their own little piece of the romantic lavender ideal. It’s attractive year round, has abundant health and wellness benefits, and makes a great cut or dried flower.

Lavender Benefits

  • Hello Aromatherapy – lavender’s claim to fame is its intoxicating scent and its calming effect
  • Pollinator Paradise – have you ever listened to a swath of lavender in full bloom? It’s literally buzzing with bees and other pollinators
  • Year Round Interest – yes the flowers are heavenly, but some lavender foliage stays neat, tidy, and silvery all winter long
  • Value Added DIYing – from tea and cookies to essential oils and dried flowers, there are soo many things you can do with your lavender plants beyond just enjoy them in your garden

Join the lavender celebration with Lavender Phenomenal®, the world’s first intermedia lavender asked for by name at garden centers. Since we at Peace Tree Farm introduced the plant in 2012, Lavender Phenomenal® has become the new gold standard variety in lavender markets across the globe. Growers, retailers, and consumers have discovered there’s no other choice when it comes to durability and use.

Lavender Phenomenal® Benefits

  • Consistent and uniform mounding habit – perfect for architectural garden features 24-32 inches tall and wide
  • Long-stemmed and long-lasting flowers  – prolific bloomer
  • Incredibly fragrant  – very high oil content perfect for value added products
  • Hardy from zone 5-8  – both heat and cold tolerant!
  • Disease ResistantPhenomenal® will remain strong and healthy when other lavenders fall to disease
  • Easy to Grow! Phenomenal® wants full sun, well-drained soil, and low fertility needs, and not a lot of maintenance or fussing!
  • Looks good year round – silvery winter foliage
  • Deer proof – only pollinators are allowed to touch these beauties

Blooming every June, with Phenomenal®, Seeing is Believing!  Trim back the stems after they bloom by the end of September and you’ll set yourself up for a beautiful winter display and a spring of flowering growth!

Lavender Phenomenal

Next Generation

2020 Year of the Lavender will get even more exciting with an announcement of the next generation of Lavender Phenomenal® adding another great selection of lavender for the market. Stay tuned!!