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If you haven’t read the children’s book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney then you should add it to your list of books to read to your kidlets (or yourself) this winter in preparation for a beautiful spring.

Spoiler Alert!! Miss Rumphius of Maine is The Lupine Lady, at a young age she was charged by her grandfather to “do something to make the world more beautiful” so, Miss Rumphius decided to sow lupine seeds all over Maine. She created the beautiful displays of lupines dotted all over Maine’s hills and roadsides today. In fact, this story was based on reality, there was a real life Lupine Lady in 1950s Maine and her name was Hilda Hamlin! Hilda brought seeds from her native England and spread lupines farm and wide in Maine.

I think right about now we should all be thinking about making the world a more beautiful place like Miss Rumphius. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go filling your pockets with lupine seeds walking all over your community like good ol’ Hilda, but I am suggesting you invite the unparalleled beauty of spring lupines to your benches and offerings this spring in the likes of GreenFuse’s Staircase Lupine series.

Staircase lupines were one of the varieties from GreenFuse that got us so excited about carrying the line. Like all lupines, the Staircase series is flipping gorgeous, but what makes them so incredible is how easy they are! They have no day length requirement for blooming and get this…they rebloom all season until overnight temps are above 72!! Even better, they don’t require vernalization so they can grow anywhere!

  • No day length requirement

  • Don’t require Vernalization

  • Low Feed

  • Rebloom until overnight temps go above 72 F

Channel your inner Mrs. Rumphius (aka Hilda Hamlin) and make the world more beautiful by offering easy-to-grow and incredibly gorgeous Lupine Staircase series for spring 2021. We’ll be offering liners in 36 count trays and then finished gallons in the spring in Orange & White, Red & White, Dark Blue & Yellow, Yellow, and Rose & White. Gorgeous in containers or in the ground, Lupine Staircase series is likely the most accessible lupine out there for growers and consumers.

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