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Gratitude At The Forefront


More than ever, in 2020 and continued on now in 2021, I’m grateful for my job and my place amongst these plants and great people. Those early days of 2020 were strange and unsettling. Driving deserted roads subconsciously scanning the horizon for zombies, sewing or desperately sourcing masks for protection, and consciously trying to work together while staying far enough apart. These stories and feelings are now part of our collective history and the lessons gleaned will propel us forward, strongly rooted in gratitude.

Treat Ourselves Like We Treat Our Plants


It might be obvious to state that the success of our plants determines the success of Peace Tree Farm. We treat our plants with the utmost care and attention to foster strong and fast growth until we can send them out into the world to their next destination. Plants offer infinite wisdom no matter what period of history we’re in.

This feeling of gratitude is also rooted in our mighty plants, focused on light and warmth, they are always there quietly pumping out important lessons:

  • Lessons of resilience, perseverance, and adaptation
  • Lessons of growth
  • Lessons of care
  • Lessons of abundance
  • Lessons of beauty
  • Lessons of patience
  • Lessons of flavor, health, and wellness

All of these plant lessons have been important guidelines for navigating the past year as essential workers at Peace Tree. Treating our coworkers as we treat our plants, nurturing their success with great care and support. Working together, while staying apart as best we can to protect each other. It’s about identifying needs and supporting each other while remembering to have a good time along the way too.

2021 is carrying on in much of the same way as 2020 had, masked and chaotic. Plants, in all their infinite wisdom, are sought after in record demand intensifying the job we do and the pace of spring in unforeseen ways. We’re doing our best to follow the guidance of plants – to adapt and grow all while being as patient as we can. We’re grateful for the wonderful customers we have, for the flood of new interest in plants and in what we do, and of course the acknowledgement of plants and their place as essential. We must hold true to the wisdom of plants and grow forward and up together.

Essential Plants


Ironically, we’ve had to make some tough decisions of what our Essential Plants are for spring. We’ve maxed out our production capacity attempting to fulfill all of our customers needs all at the same time and have come to the realization that we cannot do it all. We have therefore made the tough call of determining what is a Peace Tree Farm Essential Plant. For peak spring weeks 16-20 we are prioritizing Certified Organic herbs and vegetables, and lavender. We have made the tough call of pushing back many of our ornamental flowering annuals to late May. We sadly know that this will disappoint many of you but feel that we need to get as many herbs and vegetables out to you as possible to fuel the backyard kitchen gardening craze and keep customers hooked on growing their own backyard bounty! We will reach out with updated acknowledgements to communicate any adjustments to your orders.


We greatly appreciate your continued support of Peace Tree plants AND its people!

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