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For Spring 2022, we will be offering lavender plugs in a 72 count tray in lieu of our 36 count tray. We think you’ll love our move to 72.

Why a 72 count tray you may ask?? 

  • To start with, let’s state the obvious: the 72 count tray offers twice the number of plugs per tray! Twice the number of plugs but with a comparable cell and root size as the older 36 count tray. The 72 plug is 1.5″ x 2.5” which is very comparable to our 36 count 2.5”x 3”.
  • More plants per tray = More value! Ship more plants for less freight. 72 count plugs are also a better price point for you than the 36 were. More plants for a lower price!!

From left to right: 36 count tray, 72 count tray, 51 count tray, 1QT pot of Lavender Phenomenal®

  • Zero Transplant Shock – we direct stick into our 72 count trays meaning our lavender just grows and grows and grows, no time for transplant shock from one cell size to another. We used to transplant our 51 count cell into our 36 count cell, direct sticking into a 72 will reduce the chance of plants experiencing transplant shock.
  • Grow Coons – We use a specially designed biodegradable cell that allows roots to air prune themselves leaving roots unimpeded. No need to remove growcoons when transplanting! Learn more in Lloyd’s video about why we use Growcoons:
  • More Plants! – Growing 72s will allow us to produce more lavender for all of you! We’re hoping to have an ample supply to fulfill all those in want of lavender!