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Perfect for home gardens, landscapes and farming.

Lavender Sensational!® was developed by Peace Tree Farm LLC as part of the Phenomenal Family of LavendersTM. Sensational!® boasts incredibly large, dense flowers with saturated color and sturdy stems, perfect for home gardens as well as landscapes and lavender farming. Its broad, silver foliage is thick, tough, and cupped, and its habit is upright with incredible branching stems. Growers have confirmed that it has extremely good heat and humidity tolerance along with cold tolerance (Zones 5-9). Its flowers have a sweet lavender floral aroma with low camphor!

Given its compact, upright habit, Sensational!® fits well in perennial gardens, patio and container gardens and landscapes. It is easy-to-grow and has a long bloom period. In the field, farmers can fit more plants per row than other larger lavenders. Pollinators LOVE it!

Sensational!® can be used in many ways: fresh or dried bouquets and wreaths, as a powerful culinary additive and/or used for its rich and plentiful essential oil.

Watch this video to see the plant and learn more: Sensational!® Video Link

You can find growing tips for Sensational!® here: Grower Talks article

Sensational!® is available in 50-count liners (we recommend potting these up and growing on before planting in the ground), 72-count field plugs (ready to plant in the ground), and vernalized quarts.