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Fernleaf Dill

Fernleaf Dill

  • When grown in moderately rich, well-drained, moist soil and full sun, 'Fernleaf' Dill takes care of itself
  • Attracts butterflies! Favorite food for swallowtail butterfly caterpillars

This 1992 All American Selections winner solved the problems of common dill by providing a compact habit that avoids the need to stake or protect the plant from wind damage. And Dill Fernleaf is slower to bolt, too. Abundant dark green foliage, Dill Fernleaf is indispensable for pickling and seasoning salmon, eggs, cucumbers sandwiches and many recipes of Scandinavian and Russian cuisines.

Additional Notes

Good companion for cabbages, onions, lettuce and peas.
Dill Fernleaf is a compact plant that is good for mixed container gardens.

Hardiness Zone: Annual
Height: 18-24 Inches

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