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Peace Tree Specialty Lavendar

If you're wondering what we specialize in at Peace Tree Farm, you found it!

Lavender is the star of our show, and we’re excited to offer up the very best lavender cultivars for both landscape and harvesting – including our very own Peace Tree Farm patented creations, Lavender Phenomenal®, Lavender Sensational!® and NEW for 2023, Lavender Exceptional® (more information coming soon!).

Driven by our passion for superior lavender, we’ve spent years fine-tuning our production process to deliver the industry’s finest in both clean lavender liners and finished plants.

Choose from 72-count deep field plugs (field ready!), 102/split 51-count liner trays (for potting up and growing on before planting), or quart size (for field or retail) in trays of 10. 

Coming soon to the Phenomenal Family is Lavender Exceptional™

• Streamline Production with Uniform Habit

Field Ready Sizes

• Beautify Your Landscape

• Delight Your Senses

• Spice Up Cuisine

• Endless Aromatherapy

Field Growing and Resource Information Click here!

Check out our availability of specialty Lavender plants and liners.