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Fall is for planting and foliage is this season’s star! Dropping temperatures are no reason to stop planting and gardening – plus it’s the perfect time to refresh entryways and patios. Holiday festivities are made even better by a spruced up garden and living centerpieces that sparkle.  It all comes down to having the right plants at the right time.

Want to extend your fall & winter selling season, plus keep holiday season plant sales moving?  Our Winter Sizzle collection can help you do just that.

Winter sizzle is all about complimentary colors and textures that call on the warmth and elegance of late fall and winter décor. Winter Sizzle plants are versatile enough to span from one holiday to the next with only minor tweaking. We carefully choose these plants with combination plantings and containers in mind. The color palette ranges from autumnal warmth to winter sparkle. Mixing and matching Winter Sizzle elements leads to a wonderful range of looks and vibes that you or your customers can create.


Plants are grown in 4″ and quart sizes, making it quite easy to create your own stunning containers that sell as an easy grab-and-go patio planter or centerpiece for holiday entertaining. Be sure to pot up sample combinations to show customers how to DIY their own mixed winter planters. Merchandise your suggested plant combos with coordinating pottery for a robust average sale.


Winter Sizzle plants aren’t just for gardeners with space…they are also perfect for apartment dwellers with balconies or compact patios. Container gardens planted with these beautiful cold-hardy specimens are the perfect seasonal pick-me-up for small space plant lovers.

These hardy beauties will carry you and your customers through the holiday season and into late-winter!


Pre-order Winter Sizzle now to reserve the cream of the crop! Don’t miss out on these elegant cold beauties. Finished Winter Sizzle plants ship weeks 37-52 and are sold in full flats of 10 plants.