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Roundup of Peace Tree Farm Houseplants

The third week in September has been heralded as ‘National Indoor Plant Week’. Wahoo! For many of us, every week feels like it already is National Indoor Plant Week but, I’m all for the promotion of one of my favorite things – houseplants! With the current trend of houseplants exploding across many markets, it’s a no-brainer to celebrate and champion this “National” week touting the benefits of becoming a bonafide plant parent and indoor plantaholic. We could all use the cleaner air and calming environments that our houseplants effortlessly create (in return for a little love and adoration).
Sooo, in the spirit of all things houseplants you might be wondering what are the best Peace Tree Farm houseplants?? We have some wonderful houseplants sprinkled through our finished and liner listings so, I’ve pulled out a few from three different sections including the top Gourmet Edible Houseplants, my favorite foliage hanging baskets, and the top 10 Garden Geek Houseplants! 

Foliage Hanging Baskets

  1. Cissus discolor – vintage chic and dripping in texture
  2. Oplismenus variegated Bamboo Grass – gives an impression of lightness while being incredibly full, will brighten up any window with its delicate variegation
  3. Peperomia rotundifolia – sometimes known as ‘hope’ this trailing peperomia is so sweet in a small hanging basket
Cissus Discolor
Oplismenus variegated hanging basket in window
Oplismenus variegated
Peperomia rotundifolia hanging basket
Peperomia rotundifolia

Gourmet Edibles as houseplants

  1. Dwarf Cardamom – one of my favorite smelling plants on the farm! Lush dark green foliage gives off an intoxicating aroma when brushed. Being a dwarf, this cardamom will stay short and neat and if you give it enough love and seasons of care, it may just grace you with gorgeous flowers.
  2. Coffee – Coffee plants naturally prefer shady growing conditions making it a great choice for indoor settings that often have lower light. It will be your endless conversation starter.
  3. Basil Topiary – Referenced a few weeks ago, basil topiaries are a wonderful addition to any bright kitchen window lending elegance and flavor in one go!
  4. Bay Laurel – Everyone’s favorite aromatic herb for soup and stock making, bay laurel also makes a great houseplant. It’s a slow grower that will eventually develop a shrubby habit. Transition to the indoors as the growing season slows.
Basil Topiary
Dwarf Cardamom
Bay Laurel

Top 10 Houseplant Garden Geeks (House Geeks)

  1. Farfugium Wavy Gravy – cool foliage is all the rage right now and ‘Wavy Gravy’ has just that with its velvety ruffled leaves. Being a tender perennial, those in cooler climates can bring WG inside to add another foliage dimension to their Rousseau-esque interiorscape.
  2. Scented and Fancy Geraniums – If I had to pick one of each it would be Charity a variegated golden citronella and Sidoides a glaucous trailing heirloom with tiny deep burgundy flowers.
  3. Peperomia polybotrya ‘Selfie’ – next big thing? I think so. ‘Selfie’ is a slower grower with a great upright habit sporting foliage with a mirror-like gloss to them. Peperomia polybotrya reflection ‘Selfies’ should become a thing…#peperomiaselfieselfie!
  4. Pilea Artillery Fern  – sweet and compact in a palette of blush pink to green. It always reminds me of a little tiny fairytale tree and would look great in a sweet pot indoors.
  5. Pilea glauca ‘Aquamarine Baby’s Tears’ – small cascading grey, green glaucus leaves make me inordinately happy, I cannot quite explain it.
  6. Pilea peperomioides ‘Bitcoin’– just google #pileapeperomioides and you’ll understand why this is the houseplant du jour!
  7. Plectranthus Vicks Plant– should be more popular than it is. Easy to propagate, compact upright habit with rosette like leaf structure, and incredibly scented to bout! Vicks plant makes a great houseplant from small to large pots alike
  8. Albuca ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ – South African bulb that you treat like a succulent with extremely curly upright foliage and a spring/fall fragrant yellow flower.
  9. Chlorophytum spider ‘Curly Bonnie’ – a crowd pleaser for sure, ‘Curly Bonnie’ is abundant and free flowing in its variegated glory. Spiders are great for beginners looking to get into plant parenting.
  10. Heirloom Begonias! – Take a lesson from your grandmother and worship the great diversity of heirloom rhizomatous begonia varieties. From light to dark, big to small, plain to patterned, or vibrant to muted our Peace Tree Heirloom Collection of rhizomatous begonias make wonderful, albeit more finicky at times, houseplants
Farfugium ‘Wavy Gravy’
Pilea glauca ‘Aquamarine Baby’s Tears’
Heirloom Begonia ‘Passing Storm’
Heirloom Begonia ‘River Nile’
Chlorophytum spider ‘Curly Bonnie’
Pilea peperomioides ‘Bitcoin’