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Collegiate Plant Initiative

Inspiring A New Generation With: FREE PLANTS

The Collegiate Plant Initiative (CPI) is all about engaging with and inspiring a whole new generation of plant lovers across college campuses nationwide. Their aim is to make people who love plants by intriguing a new generation of plant consumers while mobilizing a generation of plant and horticulture minded industry professionals. Their approach is simple FREE PLANTS!! CPI collaborates with internal on campus clubs, faculty leads, and volunteers to organize Free Plant Drops at central campus locations. The word is spread virally of the time and location of the Plant Drop and the students descend in a fury to snag and take home to their dorm or apartment a free plant. This free plant can be seen as their entry or perhaps addition to a collection, that inspires more plant parenthood and engagement with horticulture and the industry at large. They’re working towards a massive culture shift where plants and gardening are embraced by all or most. CPI aims to keep students connected to their plant and horticulture even after the event with a steady social media presence, collaboration with student groups, and the distribution of educational materials concerning their plants. Additionally, they use the student engagement and Plant Drops to study consumer preferences when it comes to colors and varieties.

We’re all about education

At Peace Tree Farm, inspiring and educating the next generation of plant heads is a priority. We regularly host student groups from local college campuses to tour our greenhouse and learn from our practices. That’s why our participation with CPI was such a great fit. When the opportunity arose to donate Peace Tree Farm houseplants to a CPI plant drive at the Travens’ alma matter Cornell University, it was a no brainer. Peace Tree Farm donated 1000 PTF houseplants for Plant Drop at the beginning of October, 2019. Lloyd Traven himself transported the plants and helped hand out Pilea peperomioides ‘Bitcoin’, Chlorophytum spider ‘Curly Bonnie’, and Pilea glauca aquamarine ‘Baby’s Tears’ to eager students. Even in a steady downpour, it took less than 20 minutes for the plants to get snatched up, selfied, and happily taken home by Cornell students!

Easy Houseplants Perfect For Beginners

The three plants we chose to donate are all quintessential Garden Geek/House Geek Peace Tree Farm houseplants. Pilea peperomioides ‘Bitcoin’ is recognizable as a design/instagram darling and it’s easy to take care of. One of its common names is the friendship plant since it is so easy to propagate or divide the babies so that you can share them with all of your friends. Chlorophytum spider ‘Curly Bonnie’ is another great beginner plant with equally abundant babies that can be propagated to make more plants even by newbie plant people. Pilea glauca aquamarine ‘Baby’s Tears’ is another easy to care for and productive plant that is a classic addition or starter to a plant collection.

Finding the next generation of horticulture consumers and employees isn’t always easy and it certainly takes time. Now more than ever, we can capitalize on the houseplant trend and prolong the craze into the long-term with fabulous programs and organizations like CPI. It’s no secret that there is a shortage of horticulture professionals and that houseplants haven’t always been the darlings of the internet. We can help create a sustainable future for the horticulture industry from both the consumer and the industry professional supply side by educating and sharing the beauty and joy of all things plant related on a regular basis! Peace Tree Farm is all about joining Collegiate Plant Initiative and building the plant craze momentum one free plant drop plant at a time!

Collegiate Plant Drop at Cornell University Timelapse