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For the first time this coming Spring 2021, you will see that our listing of herb and vegetable liners will be ALL Organic.

5 Reasons Why We’ve Dropped our Conventional Herb and Veggie Listing

1. Not Much is Changing

Let’s be clear…there will be nothing different about the liners that we’re supplying for 2021. They will be the same great quality, the same great varieties, and grown to the same exacting standards.

2. Streamlining Production and Sales

We are simplifying our listing of herbs and vegetables by just offering the organic, no need for confusing additional stickers or separating lots of plants that all look the same just to have a “conventional” line item.

Sage Berggarten ORG

3. Buying Organic is good for your Beneficial Insect Program

You need not fear any undue harm to your army of beneficial insects that you’ve been releasing and populating in your houses from our plants. Certified Organic herbs and vegetable liners will be welcome landing zones for your beneficial friends. Not using beneficials? Now is a great time to start! Learn a little bit about our biocontrol program on a previous blog post.

4. Organics are Booming!

You do not have to look very hard to find evidence that every aspect of the Organics industry is experiencing booming growth. In the latest edition of Green Talks, Jennifer Duffield White outlined that according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the entire organic category increased 31% from 2016-2019 even pre-pandemic. The pandemic, in all its chaotic uncertainty, pushed consumers to support organics even more with sales up 22% in March and continued steady increases throughout the rest of the year according to the Organic Produce Network and Category Partners. Most of us do not need official statistics to know that Spring 2020 saw huge increases for the sector, not just for Organic produce, but also for Organic plant starts both herbs and vegetables.

Transplanting Cilantro

5. Organic Plants to Organic Harvests

Even if you are not certified, you can assure your customers that the vegetable and herb starts that you are selling them were started organically. Customers want to trust the safety and health of the plants they will be growing and eventually harvesting and feeding their families. Based off the new gardener demand for organic plants, build your organic gardening sector by offering more products and services catered to the demand. Organics are better for the planet and better for your health!

Again, very little is changing except hopefully the elimination of some confusion and perhaps our increased support for our organic production. How we grow matters and ultimately, how you grow matters! At Peace Tree Farm, organics is our heart and soul. Our herb and vegetable plants are USDA Certified Organic, giving you the peace of mind that comes with independent third-party verification of our growing practices. For Spring 2021, as in years past, look to us for uncompromising quality of CCOF Certified Organic herbs and vegetable liners (and of course finished plants as well!).

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  • Rebecca says:

    Just want to commend you all for this… “How we grow matters” …We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for all you do and your constant inspiration 🙂